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Gold Scheme Features

Easy and secure funds. Get a loan against the gold you own, to meet your various financial needs easily. Ashtavinayak Gold Loan comes with a high loan limit of Rs. 10 lakh, at attractive interest rates, with flexible repayment options for added financial ease.

High Loan Value Icon

High Rate Value

Get up to Rs. 10 lakh, to fulfil all your financial requirements.

Accurate Evaluation Icon

Accurate Evaluation

In-house evaluation of your gold with a carat meter, for additional security of your assets.

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World-class Safety Protocols

Assured safety of your gold ornaments with strong rooms featuring world-class security protocols, for your peace of mind.

Flexible Tenor Icon

Flexible Tenor

Flexible tenors ranging up to 240 months, to fit your repayment capacity.

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Part-prepayment and Foreclosure Facility

No charges on part-prepayment or foreclosure to make the loan affordable

Flexible Payment Icon

Flexible Payment Options

Wide range of repayment options, to make the loan more affordable for you. Choose from one of the following repayment plans

Part Release Facility Icon

Part Release Facility

Facility to withdraw some of your gold ornaments, in case you need them. Get a loan against your gold for your urgent financial needs, from weddings to medical emergencies.