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Gold SIP

Systematic Investment Plans

A systematic investment plan (SIP) enables you to invest a fixed amount at predetermined intervals, like every month or every quarter, in a mutual fund scheme, in return for which you receive units at the prevailing NAV.


INR 2000 Per month - Offer 11 + 1

GOLD Harvest

INR 10000 Per Month - Offer 20 + 2

Benefits of SIP

Invest as per your savings habit :-

Choosing your magnitude of investment, which could be as little as Rs 5000 per month gives you the flexibility to tailor your SIP investments to your savings ability.

Ride market volatility :-

Irrespective of the NAV of the scheme you are investing in, you invest a fixed amount at each rest. In fact, when the NAV is high, you purchase fewer units than you do when the NAV is low. As a result, your investment strategy is not hampered by market volatility.

Rupee cost averaging :-

With SIPs you automatically benefit from the principle of Rupee Cost Averaging. Put simply, using the SIP method of investing, the average cost per unit to you will be lower than the average of the market NAVs prevailing on the dates of your purchase, irrespective of whether the market is rising or falling.

Convenience :-

This is a very convenient way of investing. You have to just submit cheques along with the filled up enrolment form. The mutual fund will deposit the cheques on the requested date and credit the units to one’s account and will send the confirmation for the same.